This is Industriflyg

Our mission

Our mission is to provide an efficient travel solution for every trip. Our trips are tailored to our customer’s preferences using unconditional dedication to the highest levels of safety, security, convenience, comfort and discretion.

Our goal

Our goal is flawless, seamless service in every aspect when we deliver door to door travel solutions worldwide with direct flights, time efficient airport handling and ground transportation.

Our goal is also to be a partner and an integrated part of our owners and clients strategies and growth.

Our clients

Our clients are among the leading global companies in the world. The world is their marketplace. They deliver value to their shareholders, employees and customers by developing premium quality products in a very competitive environment. To be successful in this market requires time efficient global travel solutions where leaders have continuous market contact. Industriflyg provides that important link.

Our core values

Our core values are to offer a friendly environment to our customers and employees. With that we provide an exceptional quality product which requires strong core values. They are: respect, responsibility, integrity and team spirit.

Our aircraft

Our aircraft are ready to get you to your destination in the shortest possible time. We offer long range, high speed aircraft with seating for up to twelve passengers. We also provide a sophisticated platform in the cabin for work and entertainment including airshow, printer, DVD-players, individual screens as well as satellite telephones and global Wi-Fi Internet. All of our business jets are equipped for hot meal preparation. The cabin can be reconfigured for full-length, lay flat beds.

Our Staff

Our staff are highly trained professionals with an extensive experience of global operations. A Crew consist of 2-3 pilots, depending on the mission, and a flight attendant.

All personnel at Industriflyg are dedicated to safety, a high service level and a personal responsibility for our product.