The Falcon 7X11 passengers

The Falcon 7X is our large cabin, ultra long range, three-engine, fly by wire, heavy business jet. It flies higher, farther and faster than any of its predecessors. There are 28 large windows that bathe the very quiet cabin in natural light. As always, our flight attendant is on board to provide a memorable meal service and to tend to your needs.


Passengers: 11

Maximum range

5.950 nm / 11.020 km / 6.847 miles

Enter city or airport:
Flight summary


Trip Information

Range map based solely on distance without wind correction. Maximum range for Falcon 7X based on zero wind, 8 passengers, MACH .80 and NBAA IFR Fuel Reserves. Actual performance may be affected by real aircraft configuration (outfitting options, operating items) and by ATC routing and weather conditions.

Floor plan

Passenger cabin area: 23 m2

The Falcon 7x in figures

External dimensions

  • Length
    23.2 m
  • Height
    7.8 m
  • Wing span
    26.2 m


  • Maximum take off weight
    31.8 t
  • Maximum zero fuel weight
    18.6 t
  • Maximum fuel
    14.5 t
  • Maximum landing weight
    28.3 t

Internal dimensions

  • Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage)
    11.9 m
  • Maximum headroom
    1.9 m
  • Maximum width
    2.34 m
  • Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage)
    44.0 m3


  • Manufacturer
    P&W Canada
  • Nbr/Type
    3 x PW307A
  • SL-ISA Thrust
    28.5 kN
  • Flat rated to